The Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress and Why It’s So Expensive

If you’ve read my previous article about benefits of memory foam pillows, you might probably expect to find exactly the same listing here, but I’ll surprise you – even though they are close to each other, mattresses serve a completely different function. Chances are, you probably don’t need both of them to reach your goals, but I will help you make that choice in another article. If you haven’t checked out the post about pillow benefits, go for it, meanwhile the rest of you – enjoy your read.

Let’s start with relieving your body’s pressure, allowing you to sleep more comfortably than on traditional spring mattress – this happens due to specific, thermal properties of the used material. When you lie on your bed, the more pressure you apply to a specific place, the more heat your body “transfers” onto the surface of memory foam, which results in it softening and accommodating your weigh just better than springs, which, as we know, don’t do this at all.

Another, very important, benefit is being able to stay completely quiet through the whole night. That’s very important if you happen to have a partner sleeping with you at night and you’ve found yourself lying awake due to his movements. Even your movements on springs could cause unpleasant sounds, obstructing your sleep or in the worst case, waking you up! Now, since there’s no mechanism involved and all is done by a cushioning material, there’s just no way for sound to appear!

Now, I’ve already mentioned about relieving body pressure, which results in no more back ache, but it’s important to not forget about your spine. Due to the adapting capabilities of memory foam, it will help correct your posture in case you had any problems, and help maintain it once it’s been improved. Don’t get me wrong, those mattresses won’t solve all of your posture problems, but they are a definite improvement over your old one in that aspect.

All in all, those three benefits are the main sales points of memory foam mattress business. Many polls have proven that they aren’t over-exaggerated at all, and I can vouch for them myself – as you know, I’m a happy owner of memory foam mattress and pillow. I hope you enjoyed reading and would love to hear your feedback as I continue to provide you with more and more content!

What Makes Memory Foam So Expensive?

Ever wondered why memory foam makes things so expensive? Find out the reason here!

With all the talk about memory foam mattresses and pillows, one thing that raises some concern is the price. Thus, no wonder that you are probably asking why are memory foam mattresses so expensive. There is no straight answer as this might not be the correct question. Instead, you should be asking yourself if you are willing to spend certain sum of money on what will improve your life in many ways.

It is common knowledge that better products cost more. Clothes of famous labels, picturesque views made by famous painters – they all cost more than their regular counterparts. But in return, they give more benefits. Same is with the memory foam mattresses and pillows – they have so many advantages over regular beds. With features such as cooling gel which keeps your pillow’s temperature at the right level, protection from dust mites and the fact that memory foam shapes to your body which does not stop blood flow as much as feather-filled pillows and mattresses do, memory foam really makes up for its price. They do not absorb unpleasant smells nor liquids as well which adds up to the cost.

However, another reason for the considerably high price is the way memory foam is manufactured. While science has evolved a lot over the past decades and so did the memory foam industry, all of the production issues have not been solved. Polyurethane from which memory foam mattresses and pillows are mostly made of and the other components are not easy to produce. Memory foam is still a fairly new industry which faced a lot of problems with development mainly because of the unreliable and expensive manufacturing process, while feather-filled mattresses and pillows are a common and quite easy to make. Nevertheless, due to constant research you should not be asking why are memory foam mattresses so expensive, but instead – when will it be cheaper, as it is only a matter of time.

In conclusion, given the facts that memory foam mattresses and pillows make your sleep a pleasant event and the way it is created should itself explain the price. Then again, having a good night rest has a huge impact on your whole day as it boosts your morale and positivity. A price tag should not stop you from enjoying your sleep and living your life to the fullest. I hope this article explained why are memory foam mattresses so expensive and if you still have any questions or doubts – drop a comment or write me an e-mail.

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